Coal slag is an black, glass matrix alumina-silicate which is produced when wet bottom boiler power plants burn pulverized coal. The bottom ash is kept in a molten state until it is tapped and introduced to water. The water quenches the molten slag and instantly vitrifies it producing the raw glassy slag which Ensio Resources recycles through its processing facility to produce a variety of beneficial products for market. It has the optimal hardness, density, and particle shape to provide for an exceptional silica free blasting abrasive, roofing granule, non-skid, and sealcoating surface material.

Coal slag is not to be confused with fly ash or other forms of coal combustion byproducts which have completely different physical and chemical characteristics.

Coal slag is an inert material and environmentally safe. ERI coal slag products do not exhibit any hazardous waste characteristics and pass all tests concerning heavy metals analysis, TCLP testing, and is approved by the United States Navy for blasting at our nation’s major warship and submarine bases. Because Coal Slag is vitrified, the chemical attributes within the amorphous glass-like structure are encapsulated even when the granules are shattered at highspeeds during blasting.  
Because Coal slag products are recycled, their production don’t impact our environment like mined sources of competing products like garnet or sand.
Coal Slag products are Low- Free Silica in nature and are THE safer alternative to silica sand and other crystalline silica-rich materials. Learn more: Silica-Free Explained



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